"Head like a rock spinning round and round
I found it in a hole sitting upside down
You point the finger at me
But I don't believe

Paint me a wish on a velvet sky
You demand the answers but I don't know why
In my mind
There is no time"

(Oasis - (It's good) To be free)

"Ain't nothing working
Ain't nothing right
There's a hole in me
That I can't fill
No matter how hard I try

Ain't nothing sweeter
Ain't nothing wrong
All the pain that I receive
Keeps me strong
It keeps me moving on"

(Hed P.E. - Bartender)

"One fine day
Gonna leave you all behind
It wouldn't be so bad
If I had more time

Sailing down a river alone
I've been trying to find my way back home
But I don't believe in magic
Life is automatic
But I don't mind being on my own
No, I don't mind being on my own"

(Oasis - Listen up)




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(Black Inck - Black Inck)

"I read the news today, oh boy..."
(The Beatles - A day in the life)

"This is a world of confusion..."
(Genesis - World of confusion)

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